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AbernethyAbernethy is of huge historic importance and the Tay Landscape Partnership team would love you to help uncover its past. The story begins with early prehistoric activity, then Iron Age and Roman, including the suggestion of a bridge of Roman boats across the Tay at the nearby fortress of Carpow. The area’s key sites connect the warlords of the Iron Age, through Pictish kingship, to early Christianity and the origins of medieval society in the area: the hill-fort at Abernethy law, the Pictish stone and early medieval round tower, the early monastery and later priory. The Pictish Chronicle records that King Nechtan reigned from here in the 5th century, and links him to the foundation of a church at Abernethy, testified by an early dedication to St. Bridgid, and the subsequent Culdee monastery and Augustinian priory of 1272 AD.

We are working closely with the local community to deliver this project, including the fantastic Abernethy Museum and primary school.

Abernethy WEE Big Dig 2016!

Another fantastic community event. A massive thank you to all of the volunteer diggers, the brave landowners, the museum and the whole community for making the event such a success!


Abernethy WEE Big Dig!
We are looking for budding volunteers to help carry out a Big Dig in and around Abernethy. Have you got a garden that you would be happy to excavate a 1m x 1m trench, with the help of professional archaeologists? This project will allow a peek at what lies beneath your feet and secrets of history that are yet to be discovered!  Training in archaeological techniques and recording will be given. We would love you, from kids to adults, to get involved!

Contact Sophie at Sophie.nicol@pkht.org.uk

We are working with AOC Archaeology and you can follow the blog on this project here!

For some of this years’ Wee Big Dig photos check out our gallery!

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