Forteviot: The Birth of Alba


Conservation of Pictish Symbol Stones: Forteviot Church contains eight exceptional fragments of at least three Pictish crosses that originally stood outside in the local landscape linking with the famous Dupplin cross now conserved in nearby Dunning Church. Although important to the local community, they have been at risk for more than a decade as result of their current location: the floor of the church porch. Working in partnership with the church session, the sculptures are being conserved and will then be mounted and displayed within the church. Interpretation for local, national and international visitors will tell the remarkable story of the Picts and the birth of Alba, medieval Scotland.


DSCN0084Before the stones are returned to the church in summer 2016 they are part of the SERF exhibition and opened the European Association of Archaeologists meeting in Glasgow this September. You can visit the exhibition at the Hunterian –







The TayLP also commissioned Glasgow Digital Design Studio to laser scan and record the carved stones – follow the link below to view them on Youtube.

A second strand of the Pictish Stones project is to create a new “inspired by” stone to celebrate the remarkable story of the birth of the early medieval Scottish nation and the import role that two key sites within the TLP area, Forteviot and Scone, had in that process. A professional stone carver will work with schools, community and visitors in creating a new stone for Forteviot, inspired by the strong Pictish culture and their symbolism in this area.