Museum of Abernethy Oral History project – Can you help?


Abernethy Coble Boat
The restored salmon coble boat at The Museum of Abernethy

Over the past 6 years volunteers from the Museum have interviewed local people, resulting in the creation of 22 oral history recordings. In 2015, with TLP grant funding, we purchased an audiopost,  in the form of an old Bakelite phone, to use as a “hub” where visitors can listen to selected excerpts.   In its first year the hub has offered three audio clips relating to salmon fishing on the Tay, however we are very keen to further develop its use, and  maximise the potential of this wonderful resource.  We just don’t have the manpower to do this ourselves!   Help is required, firstly to make summaries of the recordings and secondly to identify possible themes and suitable excerpts to add to the hub. making it both appealing and accessible to visitors. Frequent visits to Abernethy would not be necessary as much of the work could be done on a computer at home, and expenses can be covered.      For further information contact Sally Rose, 01738 850538