About us

The Tay Landscape Partnership (TayLP), was an exciting 4 year project celebrating the landscapes of where the Rivers Tay and Earn meet. The project area stretched from Newburgh on the south side of the Tay Estuary around to Perth and along the Carse to Dundee.

TayLP, a £2.6 million initiative comprising 28 individual projects was principally funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and enabled people of ages and abilities to reconnect with their natural, built and cultural heritage of the area. Over 1,000 volunteers, between 2014-2018, helped excavate hillforts, manage historic orchards, look for flints or plant new trees. Over 22,000 people were involved and 16,500 hours were accrued from volunteer activities. TayLP delivered 282 events and engaged over 8,000 youths through a series of learning experiences and career opportunities.

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