It’s all around us, whether we live and work in the countryside, or in cities, towns and villages.

Our landscape, urban and rural, is home to lots of different plants, animals and birds.

Did you know there are rare animals and birds living right beside you? Although, much of our area is intensively farmed, crossed by roads and railways, and scattered with towns, villages and steadings, it is still home to an array of remarkable wildlife. Ghostly Barn Owls hunt for voles over rough grassland, Tree Sparrows flit between hedges and woodland edges and bats roost in barns, houses and trees. Swifts, who migrate from West Africa to spend a few short months here, characterise our summers with their high pitched, screaming calls above towns and villages.

Whether it’s retaining existing nest sites, putting up new nest boxes, or planting a wildlife hedge, we can all do something to support to wildlife that makes its home alongside us.