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The Sir Alexander Cross Trust Awards

We are offering 6 annual bursaries generously supported by The Cross Trust, a local charitable body which gives grants to young people in order for them, in the words of the Trust’s founder Sir Alexander Cross (1880-1963), “to extend the boundaries of their knowledge of human life”. To find out more about The Cross Trust check out their website here.

The awards are themed on inspiring people with a connection to our landscape. These awards will provide people with an exciting opportunity to find out more about our landscape, through their chosen field, whilst gaining valuable skills and experience.

Photography Award

Inspired by…Magnus Jackson

There are currently 3 young photographers busy working on projects around the TayLP area! Have a look at some of their work.



Niamh – coming soon!

Feeling inspired? If you are under 25 and have a keen interest in photography why not apply!

Photography Award Application

Email for a word version of the application form.

Art Award

Inspired by…the landscape

SelfPortOur first artist is Alfie who has created a graphic novel centred around the lives of the area’s inhabitants both past and present. We are really excited to share Settle Petal!

Have a look at his other work here!

If you are inspired by our landscape then we are looking for all sorts of creative people with great ideas for projects- be it a sculpture, verse, painting, animation, textiles, song or something else! The closing date for this year’s award is Friday 29th of July 2016.

The Art Award Information

The Art Award Application

Landscape Skills

Inspired by…Patrick Matthew

garveThe first recipient of this award was Gillian who has just completed the HNC in Countryside and Environmental Management at Elmwood College. She used the funds to buy vital equipment for the field studies elements of the course. We wish her luck in pursuing the next stage of her career!

Have a look at Gillian’s amazing work here!

If you are under 25 and studying, or are about to start studying, a course in environmental or conservation subjects including heritage skills courses why not apply!

Landscape Skills Award Information

Landscape Skills Award Application

Archaeological Research Award

Inspired by…David Christison

Andrew & Bead close up

One of the first recipients of this award was Andrew who is studying archaeology at the University of Glasgow. His research is focussed on the main Late Iron Age/Early Historic hillforts in the area. He is interested in the idea of the area as a geographical, cultural and historical crossroads and how hillforts, as the largest extant structures and historically attested power centres, controlled the landscape.

The findings of his research will be available soon.

The second recipient was Leanne who is undertaking her studies with the University of the Highlands and Islands. The aim of her research is to study the creation and projection of Iron Age identity through the adoption, modification and rejection of decorated metalwork, using finds from Perth and the Angus area.

The findings will be available soon.

If you are currently studying archaeology and have an idea for a research project why not apply, more information below!

Archaeological Research Award Information

Archaeological Research Award Application

Geography/Sustainability Research Award

Inspired by…Patrick Geddes

Patrick Geddes was an influential thinker and polymath of the late 19th and early 20th centuries who worked in the worlds of geography, biology, planning, mineralogy, sociology, art, drama and even religion. His upbringing overlooking the River Tay fostered an interest in the interplay between humanity and the environment. He is attributed with the phrase ‘Think globally, act locally’ which urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in their own communities and cities. His influence is still felt on a global scale which serves as the inspiration for this award.

If you are studying geography, environmental science, sustainable development or a related course and have an idea for a research project within the TayLP area why not apply!

Geography/Sustainability Research Award Information

Geography/Sustainability Research Award Application

Interpretation Award

Inspired by…Sir Walter Scott

The TayLP area has a rich and diverse history linked to its distinctive landscape. It is believed that since the area is rich in natural resources that it has been occupied and changed by humans over thousands of years. There are many stories to be told to celebrate the natural and cultural heritage of where the rivers Tay and Earn meet. The area and its stories have inspired poets, painters and novelists, perhaps most famously Sir Walter Scott. Through his novel ‘The Fair Maid of Perth’ he tells the story of Catharine Glover and Henry Gow who are drawn simultaneously into royal intrigue and highland feuds. His interpretation of the history of the area serves as the inspiration for this award.

If you are studying interpretation, oral history or a related course find out more below!

Interpretation Award Information

Interpretation Award Application

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The Tay Landscape Partnership Area

The Tay Landscape stretches from Newburgh on the south side of the Tay Estuary around to Perth and along the Carse to Dundee.

The project, a £2.6 million initiative is principally funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, will enable locals and visitors to reconnect with the natural, built and cultural heritage of the area.