Orchard Skills Training workshops

Orchard Skills Training workshops

Three new Orchard Skills workshops coming up in February & March

Planning & Planting a Community Orchard

27th February, 10am – 4pm, Errol

Using the community linear orchard of Gas Brae as an example, this training session gives you all the information you need to get a new orchard off to a good start, or to make the right choices when extending or replacing an existing orchard. The morning session will discuss choosing a site and layout, selecting varieties and rootstocks, and evaluating the needs of the site in terms of tree protection, shelter, pollination etc. After lunch, hands-on work on the Gas Brae orchard will be carried out – choosing sites and planting up to 14 new and replacement trees, and assessing the needs of the existing trees in order to thrive. A course handbook will be available for future reminders!

Grafting Fruit Trees

12th March, 10am – 4pm, Scone Palace Walled Garden

Grafting is a technique where we take a cutting from a tree which produces good fruit, and join it onto a tree which has good roots, to produce a vigorous, fruitful young tree to plant out into an orchard. This course shows you the techniques and how to use them safely, and you will then have the opportunity to graft trees in the TayLP heritage fruit tree nursery in the garden at Scone Palace. Your successful grafts will eventually be planted out into new and existing orchards in the TayLP area.

Pruning for Optimum Fruit Production

18th March, 10am – 4pm, Elcho Castle

This session goes beyond the basics of winter pruning, to investigate the most productive forms of tree for fruit production, and how to encourage, through training and pruning your fruit trees, the development of fruiting spurs. It is important to plan for future cropping as well, so you will be guided on how and when to select the best shoots for replacement fruiting branches. Choice of variety, rootstock and growing system also impact on productivity, and these will be discussed in the session. The course will combine theory and practice, but is essentially hands-on, using the orchard trees at Elcho Castle as examples.


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