Explore Medieval Perth at Perth Museum on Saturday 12th of August

Explore Medieval Perth at Perth Museum on Saturday 12th of August

Explore the past using technology of the future on Saturday 12th August in Perth Museum. Discover digital reconstruction snapshots from Medieval Perth, featuring Perth High Street and Market,  launched in the museum.

Perth in the 1440s was the gateway between the worlds of highland and lowland Scotland. Situated near to Scone Abbey, where Scottish Kings were crowned, Perth was one of the wealthiest burghs in the Kingdom. 

The digital reconstruction is set shortly after the murder of King James I of Scotland at Perth’s Dominican friary. The reconstructions will bring the streets of Medieval Perth back to life during this significant but tumultuous time in history.

With a mobile phone and a Google Cardboard headset, you will be able to compare the modern day Perth to the medieval burgh. Exclusively on 12 August, try an Oculus Rift and X-box controller to walk down the actual medieval streets of Perth and transport yourself back to fifteenth-century Scotland. 

Be the first to download a preview of the Medieval Perth Virtual Reality directly to your mobile phone and experience Perth’s history in Virtual Reality.

Visit Perth like you’ve never seen it before. In Minecraft and between two ages, as Perth castle of the 1200’s crashed into modern Perth and dominates the town once more. Join Scottish-based, education technology company, Immersive Minds and explore the town in the context of the Castle’s historic location, learn about the castle, how the people of Perth lived back then and why the castle is no longer there. You may even get the chance to attack the castle in Minecraft.

Bring a memory stick if you would like to take the Minecraft map with you. For your own PC/Mac device at home.



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The Tay Landscape Partnership Area

The Tay Landscape stretches from Newburgh on the south side of the Tay Estuary around to Perth and along the Carse to Dundee.

The project, a £2.6 million initiative is principally funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, will enable locals and visitors to reconnect with the natural, built and cultural heritage of the area.