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As part of this work the stones were 3d scanned by Glasgow Digital Design Studio to provide a high quality archive of the stone detail as well as an outreach and education tool – the animations of which are now on our YouTube  channel- We hope you like them!

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Telling the Bees

We teamed up with Debbie Maxwell from The University of Edinburgh to work with schools on a project all about bees! Errol, Longforgan and St Madoes Primary Schools all got involved. They created beautiful natural hive inspired art, wrote stories about honeybees and even had a visit from a bee keeper who brought an observation hive so the classes could meet the bees!

All photography by Lindsay Perth
All photography by Lindsay Perth

mo and boxesboxsteve and observation hive


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Kids http://www.taylp.org/learning-zones/kids/ http://www.taylp.org/learning-zones/kids/#respond Thu, 11 Dec 2014 12:34:08 +0000 http://www.hostingtgo.co.uk/tlpv2/?post_type=learning-zones&p=294 MINECRAFT

Download your own Minecraft map of the hillfort TayLP are currently excavating  Moredun Top, Moncreiffe Hill, Perth! (Download links at bottom of page)


minecraft map

Moncreiffe Hill, located just south of Perth, was long believed to have the remains of two hillforts on its summits, but this had never been proven through excavation. A dig team, led by Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust and Tay Landscape Partnership (TayLP) with support from AOC Archaeology and a host of fantastic volunteers undertook the excavations. This dig revealed some amazing large fort defense walls, made from large stone blocks – perfect for modelling a Minecraft world… Learn More – Moredun Top Dig Diary!


Minecraft Build

Moncrieffe Hill was created as part of the Tay Landscape Partnership’s UNEARTH The Mystery of Prehistory festival in Perth City 2015. It took the team at ImmersiveMinds over 4 weeks to complete and is, to date, the largest heri

tage build they have undertaken. While the historical emphasis was on Moredun Top Fort, Moncrieffe Hill itself had to be recreated in its entirety. As with all Crafting the Past Minecraft builds, the landscape was created at 1:1 scale and topographically accurate, using data from a variety of GiS ported in to Minecraft. From there, Moredun Top Fort was recreated on this hill from archaeological drawings and discussions with the team at the TayLP. Areas of interest brought to digital life focused on typical fort structures -roundhouses, farmland and of course, the iconic defence walls. Learn More – ImmersiveMinds and Tay Landscape Partnership 



Explore the Hillfort!

Download this zip file to explore Moredun Top Hillfort – for use on PC/MAC/Linux


Excavate the ruined Hillfort!    

Download this zip file to explore the ancient ruins of Moredun Top Hillfort – for use on PC/MAC/Linux

Can you uncover the hidden archaeology and remains of the fort?


More fun and adventure to follow….

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