Hillforts: Seats of Power

James, Gordon, Steve and Mervyn all ttrowllelling hard in TR 3, Moredun Top
James, Gordon, Steve and Mervyn all trowelling hard in TR 3, Moredun Top

Hillforts feature regularly on the landscape of the Ochil and Sidlaw hills and a number have been excavated and studied in the past. Many of those studies were undertaken by Victorian archaeologists, who had no access to carbon dating, but the sites are likely to have been used over a wide time-frame. Though the occupants of each are likely to have been power-brokers within the local area, none straddled the land like those who ruled from Moncreiffe Hill. The stronghold would have been ideal for security and defence, offering commanding views of approach by land or water.

RCAHMS survey of Moredun Top, 2014

The TayLP will excavate  the important sites of Moncreiffe and Moredun Top on Moncreiffe Hill to help uncover the ancient story of this landscape.   To catch up on the latest dig action go to our Moncreiffe Hillfort Blog

Join us in uncovering the story of this ancient landscape and volunteer to dig!



AOC22849 Data Structure Report _Moncreiffe Hillfort 2015

22849 Moncreiffe Topo survey by AOC Archaeology



AOC22849 Data Structure Report 2015 Phase v2 for email

Geophysical Surveys at Moncreiffe Hill Fort_P Morris


AOC_23223_deuchny_wood Topographic Survey

AOC23223 Moredun Top Hillfort Community Excavations DSR Final


River pebble, possible gaming piece?
Quern Stone fragment
Fragment of shale bracelet Geophysics Report 2014 by Peter Morris

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